In partnership with the Saxon Ministry for Regional Development, we at KreativLandTransfer // European Perspectives intend to strengthen rural regions and facilitate European knowledge transfer.

We’re seeking successful collaborations between cultural and creative industries (CCIs) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in rural regions across Europe. Our goal is to showcase their innovative and cross-sectoral approaches on this platform, making them accessible to all those interested.

If you’ve been or are currently part of such a collaboration, we’ve compiled a questionnaire for you to share your experiences with others. We’ll feature the collaborations submitted on our website and select certain projects for interviews about their personal experiences.

CCI meets SME: Your profiles

KaraKøje – The flamed stone pine bed

A symbiosis of design, innovation and traditional wood craftsmanship. The KaraKøje, a unique stone pine bed, is created in the Klarenbrunn factory through the synergy of the Karak tile manufactory and the Køje joinery.

Miriquidi Meltingpot

1000 years of settlement. The view from the Ore Mountains across Chemnitz and Europe. On four theater evenings, we will take a look at significant points in the development of our regional history.

Herrnhuter City Kids Jonas & Emmi

In the search for something special, the Herrnhuter Sterne Manufaktur creates special products and gift ideas every year in collaboration with typical Saxon manufacturers.

School in a shed

Our cooperation includes working with local building material and craft companies. It aims to strengthen regional awareness of contemporary and sustainable building in rural areas.

PRIME Greenwall

The Greenwall 3D is a modular planting system with an integrated irrigation system made from recycled plastics for the construction of temporary architecture or so-called "green walls" in interior spaces to improve the indoor climate, room acoustics and reduce pollutant and CO2 emissions.