In partnership with the Saxon Ministry for Regional Development, we at KreativLandTransfer // European Perspectives intend to strengthen rural regions and facilitate European knowledge transfer.

We’re seeking successful collaborations between cultural and creative industries (CCIs) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in rural regions across Europe. Our goal is to showcase their innovative and cross-sectoral approaches on this platform, making them accessible to all those interested.

If you’ve been or are currently part of such a collaboration, we’ve compiled a questionnaire for you to share your experiences with others. We’ll feature the collaborations submitted on our website and select certain projects for interviews about their personal experiences.

CCI meets SME: Your profiles

Educational game WissERZ

Part of the general science in every third grade is a discussion of the home district, including the economy and culture. But where should schools get up-to-date knowledge about this?


BUTZE! is a self-initiated project with the aim of making a contribution to the sustainable tourist upgrading of rural regions by means of minimal interventions.


Every year, 'Wertzeugkisten' are distributed to the high school graduates of Erzgebirge grammar schools.

UPZENT – Upcycling Centre

At UPZENT, we craft new products from surplus materials sourced from local businesses. We develop these items in partnership with social workshops, tailoring their design to the skills of the workforce, and manufacture them in small batches.