School in a shed

Brief description
Our cooperation includes working with local building material and craft companies. It aims to strengthen regional awareness of contemporary and sustainable building in rural areas. Architecturally, the choice of materials – red clay roof tiles and vertical larch wood panelling – ties in with the regional building culture. Local roof shapes are also cited through reduced eaves overhangs and verges.

Regional characteristics
In addition to the scenic beauty and high-quality craft companies, our region offers plenty of scope for creative development.
However, our district is also considered a structurally weak region. Emigration in recent years has exacerbated the demographic change.

2 years

Recommendation 1: In cooperation with product manufacturers such as Lorenz systems, we can find individual and efficient solutions together.

  • Partner in the cultural and creative sector: Lorenz GmbH
  • Subsector: Architecture
  • Partner SME: SCHKOLA gGmbH
  • Economic sector: Education and teaching
  • Innovation type: Product innovation
  • How the collaboration came about: Targeted contact
  • Added value for the collaborating partners: Interlocking competences | (lobby) presence | innovation and development
  • Added value for the region: Increasing the attractiveness of the location | Improving the regional infrastructure