The bathing box in the “Alte Baderei” – sleeping and bathing in straw

Brief description
The bathing box in the old bathing establishment in Kamenz is a tiny house in the middle of an overall revitalisation project. The bathtub is the central element of the room as a homage to the bathhouse. We used an ecological assembly system made of wood and straw. These are prefabricated wooden frames with machine-pressed and shaved straw infill. The system is free of harmful substances and pays homage to the traditional straw and clay construction method still used in the existing houses in the property.

Regional characteristics
There are still a lot of reservations and fears in our region when it comes to protecting, renovating and dealing with old buildings and historic properties. This is a great pity, because it is precisely in this area that we have a large portfolio that needs to be protected, upgraded and also marketed with a wealth of ideas. We simply want to show that a lot is possible in the city of Kamenz and the surrounding region if you work with suitable partners from the trades and construction industry, with a little courage and unconventional approaches.

2 years

Recommendation 1: Practitioners and creative minds are always a good combination for innovative projects
Recommendation 2: Keeping an eye on ecological processes and sustainability
Recommendation 3: Involve the local population, enable knowledge transfer and thus generate acceptance

  • Partner in the cultural and creative sector: Anne Hasselbach und Jan Eickhoff
  • Subsector: Architecture market | Design industry | Advertising market
  • Partner SME: Lorenz GmbH
  • Economic sector: Manufacturing | Construction | Professional, scientific and technical activities
  • Innovation type: Product innovation | Service innovation | Process innovation
  • How the collaboration came about: as a result of previous cooperation | Targeted contact | Company based in Kamenz with showroom
  • Added value for the collaborating partners: Facilitation of work | Expertise | Quality improvement | (Lobby) presence | Innovation and development
  • Added value for the region: Increasing the attractiveness of the location | Improving the regional infrastructure | Creating an attractive (cultural) tourism offer | Sustainable and ecological construction | Development of local tourism | Communication of history | Synergy effects with city centre development | Promotion of local economic cycles | value chains | Competence centre for existing buildings and interim use