Miriquidi Meltingpot

Brief description
1000 years of settlement. The view from the Ore Mountains across Chemnitz and Europe. On four theater evenings, we will take a look at significant points in the development of our regional history. In keeping with the timeline, each event includes a six-course menu with ingredients from the relevant period. Guests receive information material about museums or show mines relating to the period covered.

Regional characteristics
Green belt around Chemnitz

Since summer 2022 until at least 2026

Recommendation 1: Looking at the big events from the perspective of the little people.
Recommendation 2: Evoke emotions in a historically correct way and reinforce them with various sensory impressions.
Recommendation 3: Experienced partners in staging

  • Partner in the cultural and creative sector: Intendant Ingolf Huhn, Regisseurin Tamara Korber
  • Subsector: Performing arts | Advertising | Museums Mines matching the timeline
  • Partner SME: Sports restaurant Leukersdorf
  • Economic sector: Accommodation and food service activities
  • Additional partners: Prof J. Mazerath Uni Dresden, Jürgen Ziller Dipl. Bergingenieur
  • Innovation type: Product innovation | Service innovation
  • How the collaboration came about: Targeted contact
  • Added value for the collaborating partners: Synergy from partner’s skills | Quality improvement | Presence (lobbying, etc.) | Innovation and development
  • Added value for the region: Creation of a tourist/cultural attraction | Political education