PRIME Greenwall

Brief description
The Greenwall 3D is a modular planting system with an integrated irrigation system made from recycled plastics for the construction of temporary architecture or so-called “green walls” in interior spaces to improve the indoor climate, room acoustics and reduce pollutant and CO2 emissions.
Every year, plastic processing companies produce tonnes of plastic waste. These cannot be fully reused. The project therefore looked for solutions to recycle plastic waste and convert it into new products. The Greenwall is dedicated to the “greening” of interior spaces in order to put the sometimes ill-reputed plastics and their durability at the service of nature.

1 year

Recommendation 1: Ensure good moderation of the process
Recommendation 2: Finding suitable partners and providing constant support
Recommendation 3: Keep your breath – product innovations don’t happen overnight

  • Partner in the cultural and creative sector: neongrau
  • Subsector: Design industry
  • Partner SME: Schicktanz GmbH Sohland/Spree
  • Economic sector: Manufacturing
  • Additional partners: Horticultural engineering office Volker Croy
  • Innovation type: Product innovation | Process innovation
  • How the collaboration came about: as a result of a jointly attended event | PRIME innovation forum (funded by the BMBF) – organised by Wir gestalten Dresden with partners (MFD, TU-Dresden, FHD, …)
  • Added value for the collaborating partners: Innovation and development
  • Added value for the region: Saving resources | local value creation & supply chains