Brief description
Every year, ‘Wertzeugkisten’ are distributed to the high school graduates of Erzgebirge grammar schools. They symbolise both specific values and tools (i.e. industries) of the region and are intended to bind the students to their home. The ‘Wertzeugkiste’ is a project of the Erzgebirge Economic Advisory Council to secure skilled workers in the region and is coordinated by the Erzgebirge Regional Management.

Regional characteristics
Christmas land, winter sports region, world heritage site – the Ore Mountains have many beautiful epithets. But regardless of the seasons and holidays, the Ore Mountains are one thing above all: a ‘hERZland’ (heart land). The special mixture of innovation and tradition as well as natural countryside and villages is the setting to develop and live to your heart’s content. The people of the Erzgebirge are known for their warmth and wealth of ideas, they shape the region with much love and carry it in their hearts.

since 2018

  • Partner in the cultural and creative sector: designesgleichen agentur für kommunikationsgestaltung GmbH
  • Subsector: Design industry
  • Partner SME: Regional management Erzgebirge
  • Economic sector: Information and communication | Other service activities | Extra-territorial organisations and bodies
  • Innovation type: Product innovation
  • How the collaboration came about: Joint project application
  • Added value for the collaborating partners: Direct approach
  • Added value for the region: Quality improvement | Higher profile (e.g. for lobbying)