AFAG Group goes MassivKreativ: Smart electric gripper in stop-motion film

Brief description
The innovative product Smart Electric Gripper SGE-40-P-IOL is showcased in an inventive film that demonstrates the gripper’s immense flexibility due to its integrated control. Björn Kempcke and Antje Hinz from media production company MassivKreativ produced a unique stop-motion film. With delightful storytelling, they highlight the gripper, showing its capabilities in assembly automation, including feeding, handling and transporting. “The fascination of movement! Yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

Regional characteristics
The Afag Group has two German-speaking branches in Switzerland and Germany: in Zell (CH), home to 1,924 residents, and Hardt in BW (D), with a population of 2,634. Attracting skilled workers, particularly engineers, to these rather rural areas isn’t easy. Therefore, innovative media – like stop-motion – play a critical role in boosting visibility and drawing attention to Afag. The Afag Group comprises Automation AG in CH-6144 Zell, Afag GmbH D-92224 Amberg, and Afag Engineering GmbH in D-78739 Hard.

8 weeks: Innovative mechanical engineering meets innovative film production and stop-motion.

Recommendation 1: Originality
Recommendation 2: Humour
Recommendation 3: Be unique!

  • Partner in the cultural and creative sector: MassivKreativ, Björn Kempcke and Antje Hinz GbR:
  • Subsector: Filmwirtschaft
  • SME partner: AFAG Group, afag Engineering Service – development and design support for your engineering
  • Economic sector: Manufacturing industry
  • Additional partner: Marcel Welte, Marketing & Communications Manager, AFAG Group
  • Innovation type: Product innovation | Service innovation
  • How the collaboration came about: Direct approach
  • Added value for the collaborating partners: Higher profile (e.g. for lobbying) | Innovation and development | Visibility and marketing for product innovation, originality of presentation
  • Added value for the region: Attracting and retaining skilled workers and executives | Increasing the attractiveness of the area | Public relations, drawing attention to an innovative company