Every cooperation listed in the database is a beacon for cross-sector collaboration between companies and cultural and creative workers and, ideally, a model for similar collaborations. Every cooperation will be showcased on social media. Your listing in the database is both PR for your project and for cross-industry collaboration itself. For free.

With this database, we aim to both inspire and provide insights in order to encourage other companies to establish collaborations with the cultural and creative industries. That’s why personal advice and experience are particularly interesting.

👉 What is particularly important to you in a collaboration?
👉 Is there anything you explicitly pay attention to, e.g. when contacting potential partners?
👉 Or have you gained other insights during the collaboration?

You can use English or German. We will translate your submitted answers into the respective other language.

A good answer provides a clear understanding of the project and the partners involved. It offers advice for anyone interested in embarking on a collaboration like this in the future. A well-chosen selection of images helps to visually demonstrate the project and makes your project tangible.

The creative industries include architecture, performing arts, design, film, photography, art, arts and crafts, literature and publishing, music, press, broadcasting, software and games, advertising.

It might depend a little on the specific situation. In general by rural area we mean regions that are not densely populated and/or lacking infrastructure. This might apply to small villages as well as towns. They might be characterized by a certain demographic like a lack of young people or certain economic activities including but not limited to agriculture, mining as well as the absence of significant business. Commuter belts are usually not part of rural areas in this sense.

Yes. You’re very welcome to submit your project – one partner based in a rural area will suffice.

For the partners involved, successful collaboration can, for example, lead to technical or social innovation, improved quality, reduced workload, cost savings or increased awareness and appreciation of an activity. For the region itself, successful collaboration might entail attracting skilled workers, improving the regional infrastructure or increasing its appeal or sense of belonging within the community.

No! Past projects are just as interesting to us as current ones.

One or more compelling images that shows the result of your successful collaboration. This could be pictures of the process, schematic representations of production processes, or value chains. The resolution should be adequate (no pixelated or very small images). Please make sure to only upload images for which you own the copyright.

Sorry about the inconvenience! Make sure you’re files are within the size limit of 5MB. If you’re still having trouble uploading, please send an email with a dowload link or the pictures attached to instead.

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